Baby Rental Gear in Indianapolis



Hoosier Baby aims to serve people traveling with small children in the Indianapolis area.  We do this by providing baby rental gear that children will need while traveling.  By doing so, Hoosier Baby hopes to make traveling easy, simple, and stress free for everyone! .  


Owner and founder, Jessica Dinwiddie, traveled to North Carolina to visit family with her 4 children in 2014.   Before her trip she realized that she needed a pack n play, two car seats and a high chair.  Because traveling with all of that gear is (A) annoying and (B) expensive she decided to look into companies that rented the items she needed.  She was able to find a company that did provide this service. The company made her travel experience so much more enjoyable and SIMPLE!  Once she arrived back in Indianapolis she decided to research to see if the Hoosier state had a company like the baby rental gear company she used while in North Carolina.  After much research she discovered that Indianapolis did not have a company that provided this service and thus Hoosier Baby was born.